Bespoke French is a class for people who want to practise French conversation.

Speaking a language is about knowledge and confidence. It is important to speak it but also to get use to hearing the language. We want students to try and undertstand the idea of the conversation even if they don’t understand every single word, that way when they are in a spontaneous situation, they won’t panic and blank as soon as they come across a new word.

With Bespoke French, the groups are no larger than five students. Everyone is given the opportunity to express his / her opinion on various topics. A native tutor then corrects the pronunciation and errors.

Group classes take place at The Red Lion in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell,  OX10 0RT. It is a delightful place where, even the most nervous student, will find it easy to relaxe and speak French while drinking a delicious cup of tea or coffee!

One to one classes take place at the client’s office or as arranged at the time of booking. Please contact us for details.

A bientot

Bespoke French It’s your class!